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Emology = People + Technology
Technological effectiveness today gives way to humanity. In the world of financial services, the winner is the one who has acquired technological trends, provided users with clear interfaces, convenient communication methods and made transactions safe.

It is these problems that the teams of new services for banking products seek to solve.

Let’s talk about startup trends in more detail.

#1. Focus on omnichannel
Several projects announced for participation in the “Battle of Innovators” at FinNext 2019 were puzzled by this question at once.

So, Webim presented a flexible online consulting service for banks and financial organizations.

The solution easily integrates with CRM, HelpDesk-systems and allows operators to see in one window all calls from chat rooms, social networks, mail etc.

VR, analysis of emotions, omnichannel and other technologies at the largest financial forum 0

Aimee startup showed an intelligent chat platform based on neural networks.

In addition to standard service, it provides users with the services of an integrated financial consultant. That is, it allows not only to place funds on deposits, but also to acquire assets in the stock market.

Self-management of personal finances is becoming increasingly important for users of banking products. Aimee aims to close this need.

Today, customers want to effectively manage their finances, and high technology is designed to help them in this.

# 2 Focus on Cybersecurity
A few more projects presented at the forum focused on security.

An interesting technological solution was the F2FGroup automated human behavior assessment service.

Smart algorithms reveal the reliability of information communicated by a person: they evaluate his voice and facial expression using neural networks, determine emotions.

VR, analysis of emotions, omnichannel and other technologies at the largest financial forum 1

Already, the startup team is engaged in the development of technologies that can analyze body language, because a liar gives out not only facial expressions, but also gestures.

The product can be used not only in the banking sector, but also, for example, in retail to increase customer satisfaction.

Cloud-based SCAM service for cross-channel fraud monitoring was introduced by Cybertonica. The technology is designed to ensure the security of payments and protect people from fraudsters writing off money from bank cards and mobile accounts.

A special anti-fraud botnet analyzes the information coming from the user’s device and compares it with the behavioral profile on the Internet.

If the action is suspicious, the operation will be immediately blocked and sent for verification manually.

VR, analysis of emotions, omnichannel and other technologies at the largest financial forum 3

Clients of services can be not only individuals, but also legal entities. The Lemon project has chosen as its mission the creation of a financing search service for small entrepreneurs.

The solution should not only make life easier for small entrepreneurs, but also protect investors. The service helps lenders evaluate the solvency of borrowers based on data on their behavior on the Internet.

It takes into account the activity of entrepreneurs on various sites, their contacts on social networks, volumes and amounts of transactions, customer and partner reviews.

# 3 Focus on interactive content and VR in apps
Immergity has shown an interesting business solution using virtual and augmented reality.

The buyer can “walk” in his future apartment in real time, evaluate the layout, determine the interior. Technology features allow you to calculate the purchase price in real time.

As a result, the increase in conversion and the increase in the number of instant emotional purchases.

The race of “beautiful developments” was replaced by a struggle for the emotions and love of the client.

#4. Emphasis on market democratization
A blockchain-based social network for travelers, expats and business was revealed by Onlife startup. The developers believe that there will be no place on the Internet for wrapped reviews about hotels, restaurants, shopping centers.

Volunteers registered on the service will be able to make their own honest posts, collect followers, and earn money from reviews. To do this, just visit the institution, check the authenticity of existing reviews and give your verdict.

The result of each such revision will be stored on the blockchain. So, it will become impossible to fake information.

A digital product should solve the problem of trust by introducing the principles of “digital democracy” on the network.

It helps to obtain a tax deduction without resorting to intermediaries – lawyers and accountants. Automated forms provide error-free input of taxpayer data.

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