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Makelove business

MakeLovePizza began work in 2013 as a delivery service. The four-year anniversary of the company was already celebrated in its own cafe on Lenin Ave. Now another stationary cafe is being prepared for the opening, combined with a delivery kitchen.

The company employs about 100 people, the average age of employees, according to the director, is “strongly up to 30 years.” The revenue of MakeLovePizza for 2017 amounted to 106 million rubles. By the way, Eugene closed his first “36% loan” in a year.

numbering-small.pngAnalytics on the knee

– The idea to open a pizza delivery company was born spontaneously. By that time I already had a microbusiness: I hired promoters, couriers, posters – but I wanted something more ambitious, and I got hooked on the idea of ​​delivery. Later, a business concept was formed: pizza delivery, a single product, a brand was developed, a team appeared.

By that time, of course, I ordered pizza periodically, we can say that I was a client of my future business. The market was analyzed in a simple way: with friends we ordered pizza in different deliveries and tried it, we thought what and how could be improved. I remember they even kept a tablet: they wrote down the advantages and disadvantages. But all this was so, on the knee.

The main thing that we understood then was that there is a guaranteed market. You can deal with pizza delivery, while at the same time giving the customer the best product. The disadvantages of what already exists were determined immediately: the quality of the product, the absence of an interesting brand and some zest, the speed of delivery. Here in all these three areas and tried to hit.

To begin with, I myself worked in various delivery companies, looked at the kitchen from the inside, made a rough plan for the equipment, wrote a business plan in Excel. Then we rented a room from under the cafe – our entire budget at the time of launch was 800 thousand rubles, so we were looking for a room with equipment already. It was in the basement and cost 60 thousand a month.

The launch was slow. Since we were limited in the budget, we did not hurry much, we planned a lot. They started only after 4 months, during which time I even managed to write a diploma at the university.

numbering-mal.png Where does the student get the money from?

– Thanks to the first micro-business, by the fourth year I managed to accumulate about 200 thousand rubles, then I still sold my Zhiguli and took a half million loan in two banks in parallel: at VTB and MTS.

It was very difficult to get a student loan in 2012. To do this, I had to fictitiously get a job, but the main difficulty is my lack of a military ID. If you do not have a ticket, then theoretically at any time they can be taken into the army, so banks are very reluctant to give credit to such people. But there was an option – at a very high 36%. I agreed to them, because first of all I am an entrepreneur, not an economist, and nothing is done without risk.

I reasoned as follows: either my business will be successful and will grow-grow-grow — then I will easily repay the loan, or unsuccessful — we will close, I will have to go to work, earn at least 25 thousand rubles for a monthly payment and live with my parents. This didn’t scare me, I knew for sure that even in this situation I would give back a loan for 5 years, and then again I would try to start my own business. Now I think that credit is a good thing, it spurs – and you can not be afraid of desiring to give up and give up. And this often happens with novice entrepreneurs.
numbering-small.png “Harvester of my parents”

– Even before the delivery started, I started looking for suppliers of products, which is more difficult in Tomsk than in big cities. There are fewer large companies that carry pizza ingredients. In 2012, only one company worked in the city, which sold professional products in bulk, for example, foreign mozzarella or pepperoni. And this company was raising prices, it was very difficult to conclude an agreement with them – a bunch of documents were requested. In this regard, it was difficult due to low competition. Now it’s better: another supplier has appeared, we switched to it.

When they started, we were a microcompany, developed from scratch. They opened up, invested everything that was, and there were no more funds left that they earned, then they allowed them to develop. For example, for the first time in the kitchen, cheese was rubbed with the usual food processor of my parents. To buy a professional kitchen processor, and it costs about 60 thousand rubles, it took several months to work.

I did not plan to carry the orders myself, but in the end I still had to pick up the car from my parents and turn it into a service one. Then, by the way, my mother found out about the loan – from a student newspaper that published my interview. Mom was surprised, of course, for parents it was a lot of money then.
The first tangible profit – one hundred thousand – we got in five months. Investments were not considered, but for six months they were able to buy new equipment and move to a new room, which they themselves repaired.

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