Simplification of the business structure: 5 reasons for enlarging a group of companies and 6 reasons not to do this
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The start of a startup is often a feeling of euphoria and pink glasses. In relation to the business partner, a kind of love arises, together you seem to yourself…

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One hundred thousand letters: how a self-employed copywriter earns money

Julia Shmuklerevich decided that enough was enough for her, and from a bank manager turned into a copywriter. She did not study at any paid courses, but this did not prevent her from achieving success. How did she succeed and how much can she earn by writing texts?

A year and a half ago, Julia resigned as head of the sales department at the bank, because she was tired of working in such a mode when she saw her daughter only in the evenings and often already sleeping. True, her husband simply did not agree to “let go” of her from the office, who insisted that she learn depilation just in case. Julia finished the courses, but began to work in a completely different specialty – a copywriter. She started with the texts “by acquaintance”, then took shape as a self-employed and began to collaborate with a creative agency. Now her goal is to earn a few months living in a house by the sea.
numbering-small.pngFrom 100 rubles to 100 thousand

– The first paid post I wrote for a friend for 100 rubles – that’s what I remember for sure. At the moment, I crossed the line of earnings of 100,000 rubles per month and significantly advanced further. Most often I write for Instagram: content and selling, that is, advertising, posts. I really like to fill in landing pages and sites – this is a special pleasure and creative flight.

I work as part of the agency “Mom Says About” and get a certain share of the order value. But this allows me not to deal with issues of self-promotion, promotion and customer search – these tasks are performed and paid by the head of the agency. In my opinion, everything is fair.

Now the texts can cost from one ruble and higher, it all depends solely on how much the copywriter estimates his work. Giving my clear price would not be entirely true, because customers are applying for different volumes and results. Much depends on the degree of immersion in narrow topics, on the depth of involvement in the project, on my employment in it. But on average, the content for a one-page website costs the customer 6 thousand rubles, and one post for Instagram costs 500 rubles. Only for the sake of money I have never worked in my life. There is always involvement, lively interest, excitement and sympathy for the product.
How does a copywriter work?
– Customers – like those yogurts – are different. Some do not care what and how you write, if only it works (yes, this occurs, although infrequently). As a rule, this concerns the description of goods for the store, and it happens that the copywriter is unconditionally trusted. Others slander in the messengers or give the outline, which then forms the basis of the text. This approach is typical for life style and expert bloggers who seek to express their thoughts, their point of view. It’s quite comfortable for me to work like that. There are times when you have to immerse yourself in the topic, and thanks to such orders I can maintain a conversation on a wide variety of topics in any company.

numbering-small.pngDon’t be a hungry seagull

– In general, we have the same ideal business “without investments” – non-resource-free production. Every month I pay the Internet and mobile phone at a tariff, because communication is more important to me than important. Probably, the purchase of equipment can also be attributed to collateral, but I started it even before joining copywriting. A separate article is the promotion and search of orders, but it does not require financial expenses from me.

At the dawn of writing my first paid texts, I actively attended networking, where I met with representatives of small businesses. It so happened that from there customers came to me themselves. The most effective channel – word of mouth – worked with a bang without the slightest investment. Well, if you want, you can include in the conditional account several business breakfasts worth from 350 to 700 rubles.

I have no experience working on freelance exchanges at all. I went there only once, and the rates did not impress me. I didn’t want to work for that kind of money and feel like a hungry seagull, which rushes into battle for customer requests that have been washed ashore.

My uniqueness as a copywriter lies precisely in the fact that I did not take a single paid course and did not invest a penny in my training. Of course, I improve my knowledge and skills, but I managed to bypass typical writing schools. Therefore, I invest in my well-being and good mood – the copywriter should be cheerful and productive.
numbering-small.png Everything in the table

– My family is a husband and a daughter of five. We earn money together, we have a mortgage and loans. In addition to everything, we love to travel and try not to limit ourselves in entertainment. If I need to purchase something large, I simply create a budget for the future period and calculate how much I need to earn for a specific period. At the moment, among other things, I earn 4 months of living in a house by the sea.

I started accounting when I failed financially for three consecutive months and was in the red: my income did not cover my expenses. Then I first grabbed my head, and then took hold of my mind and made a clear financial plan.

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