Personal business. Step two: choose a tax system
At the stage of state registration of business, or after its completion, each novice entrepreneur will have to face the need to choose a taxation system - DOS, STS, UTII…

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What debts are not written off in the bankruptcy of an individual
We hope that today business owners have no illusions that they are liable for the obligations of their company only to the extent of their contribution to its authorized capital.…

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Ukrainian companies "Nova Posta" this year will be 18 years old. During this time, they have grown so that their main competitor is called not the state Ukrposhta, but the…

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“Natance” business

About 15 years ago, Alexander Loginov became interested in dancing – the then very popular hustle direction. The students found it themselves: several guys, seeing how Alexander and her partner were dancing, asked for training. And so the school appeared, through which several thousand people have already passed.
numbering-mal.pngSchool found us herself

– It was the summer of 2008. We were young, loved to dance and often had dance parties with friends outdoors. The girl wrote to me: they say there is a small group of guys who really want to learn how to dance hustle – can I help? Of course, we agreed. It was very interesting to try myself in a new role. We rented two rooms, and they were located in different parts of the city. One is in Jupiter on Kashtak, the second is in Mayak in Irkutsk. We practiced several times a week here and there almost all summer. Then the guys went on vacation.

In September, they brought new comers. And so our school began. Although then we did not regard this as a business. We were just guys who know how to dance and want to teach others this. So we worked for several months. Made a few sets. The students liked it – we opened the groups for the followers. And then we came to the conclusion that we need our own hall, our own home, where everyone will be comfortable doing. From that moment, our school began officially.
What is hustle?

Hustle is a pair dance based on improvisation and interaction of partners. In hustle, the partner leads, and the partner follows him. The hustle is characterized by a combination of movements from different dance styles – from classic ballroom to hip-hop.
numbering-mal.pngEvolution of advertising

– Opening in a new place, we created a group on VKontakte (today there are about 5 thousand participants) and started giving the first advertisement. It was terribly simple and cheap, but very effective. We in Word program made announcements about recruiting into a group for those who wanted to do hustle, indicated the address and phone number, printed on a black-and-white printer and stuck it around the city. All! The advertising campaign was at the price of a pack of paper for the printer, but at the same time gathered us a complete group of people who wanted to do it. We have been using this promotion channel for a very long time.

A little later, they began to make beautiful color posters, began to buy advertising in minibuses, which, by the way, also turned out to be very effective. We worked a lot with social networks: they sent out personal birthday greetings with an invitation to the first free lesson, organized rallies, actively led and still lead the group.

Now all this, to be honest, does not bring anything. Such promotion methods are not only out of date – they just went down in history. There are a bunch of new channels of access to the client, but they are all very expensive. For example, to assemble a new group of 10 people now, I have to spend about 20 thousand rubles on advertising. This is a lot of money. I only beat them off from the second month of the group’s training, when the guys buy subscriptions a second time.

– Initially, there were three founders of the school: I with a partner and our friend. In the second year of work, another girl joined us, and she was the first to separate. Two more left in 2014. Having worked alone for several years, I realized that the team is easier for me. But like in everything, there are pros and cons: when you are alone, any decision you make is an axiom, but on the other hand, making a decision alone is harder.
numbering-small.pngFour years without investment

– If we talk about the arithmetic of our business, then the first large investments were required only four years after the school was opened. Before that, we managed with current earnings. About 1.2 million rubles were required for us to repair the new premises. We are talking about our “house” on Istochnaya 10. It was our largest and most dear place. We worked there for almost four years.

I remember that for a very long time we were looking for a room closer to the center. When we looked at the options in the Greenwich business center, which was still under construction, the foreman talked about the premises, which eventually became ours. But then it did not give up, but was sold. Concrete box in rough finish – no floor, no ceiling, no pipes, no electrics. We watched it, then I sat down and started drawing. In the end, I got the perfect plan.

Miscalculations in value have begun. About 1.2 million rubles were needed for repairs. We negotiated a long lease with the owner. As a result, he gave the go-ahead, agreed that the first two years we will not pay rent in the amount of money that we spend on repairs. Repair money was sought by the whole world. Part of it was taken on credit, part – from my own savings, then I had two more partners.
numbering-mal.pngDance of dancing?

– To be honest, the school never brought superprofits. Yes, we earned normal money, but not super large. The peak of demand in the history of the school came in 2013. Then we were just based on the Source. That year, we rented another room in the neighboring building to the existing two rooms, because the squares simply could not accommodate everyone.

Five wallets.
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