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Ukrainian companies “Nova Posta” this year will be 18 years old. During this time, they have grown so that their main competitor is called not the state Ukrposhta, but the American Amazon.

At the digital forum Digital Instruments for Business, the co-owner of Nova Poshta, Vyacheslav Klimov, explained why large companies would not be able to work without innovations, and showed the benefits of introducing them using examples.

We recorded the most interesting.

Why innovation is needed
In English, there is a steady expression of sustainable growth, which translates as continuous development.

By analogy with it, you need to introduce the term sustainable innovation – continuous innovation.

After all, fragmented and situational innovations do not make sense, especially in large businesses. They must be continuous.

How to properly innovate in a company

When we started a business, we often heard the question: “So what do you do?”

They explained, and the interlocutor simplified everything: “I see. That is, you must transport the box from point A to point B. ”

Yes, outwardly everything looks simple. But creating a business, we did not even imagine what a testing ground for innovation would be.

Transforming gradually, starting with the feeling that our business is very simple, we have become one of the largest networks in Ukraine. Here are some numbers:

– 3 thousand branches and post offices

– 12 million customers

– 94% brand recognition

– 174 million shipments last year

– 28 thousand employees

Probably the number of employees can boast. But I want it not to grow as the company grows. This is a direct request for technological innovation.

One of the reasons for our large separation from competitors is our scale.

The volume of work, 10 times less than ours, can actually be done through manual labor.

It is impossible to fulfill our volumes without total automation.
This is a competitive barrier that allows you to grow faster.

The larger the company, the more it must invest in creating innovation. Naturally, technology must be dealt with initially in order to meet the times and be better than competitors.

But large companies have no choice: a huge investment in innovation is a must have.

How to properly innovate in a company

Imagine: you are a big shark around which many small competitors revolve. It seems nothing to worry about. But there may come what is called martial arts death from a thousand cuts.

Not only a large competitor is dangerous, but also small ones – they can tear you apart. Therefore, I am sure: the larger the company, the greater should be its request for innovation.
How to introduce innovations: Nova Posta cases
Own payment system

The main innovation in the company over the past year is the creation of its own payment system called NovaPay. This is a historic achievement both in terms of effect and in terms of implementation methodology.

How did we come to this? We have a Forpost money transfer system. We decided to launch it quickly, so many elements were outsourced.

How to properly innovate in a company

Just two years later, the volume of money transfers grew, and by the end of 2017, this became a big problem for the company. The outsourcing system has ceased to cope with the volume of operations that we gave.

We began to receive many complaints from customers about the speed of service. Sending a parcel was quick, but returning money has become a long and complicated process. Large lines appeared in the departments, and this is the enemy No. 1 for our company.

Therefore, we decided to replace the system. We created our own team of programmers and developed NovaPay. The system allowed us to double the speed of customer service.

Infrastructure Innovation

Last year, we started launching automated terminals that speed up the process of sorting packages. The first was opened in Kiev, its throughput is 400 thousand parcels per day.

In April, we will open the same in Khmelnitsky, a few months later – in Lviv.

Over the past year, we have increased the number of post offices 8 times. They appear not only in Kiev, but also in the regional centers of Ukraine. This is not a supernova technology, but it is ready for various operational experiments.

For example, now we are testing a version without a touchscreen. We expect that the system itself will “pick up” the client, recognize it and provide the necessary information.

One of the employees of Nova Poshta came up with the format of “smart cabinets” in the departments.

He thought: “Why would the operator, after the client arrived, go to the back room to find the parcel. The place of parcel storage can be combined with the operator’s place of work. ”

So behind the backs of our employees, the cabinets we called smart grew. For customer service, the operator just needs to turn back and take the package, which is already sorted.

This doubled the speed of delivery, and this technology can still be improved.

Ukrainian companies "Nova Posta" this year will be 18 years old. During this time, they have grown so that their main competitor is called not the state Ukrposhta, but the…


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