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It is important for employees to know what they are valued for, both for professional achievements and personal qualities.

Recognition of achievements really pays off, increases productivity by up to 50% and overall business efficiency by 20%.

We have translated an article with ideas on how to demonstrate our appreciation to employees.

This is material from the SnackNation blog, so there will be many examples from their practice. SnackNation delivers healthy snacks to the office and home and pays great attention to maintaining a corporate spirit.
1. Use bonus points
Let’s start with Bonusly, a platform through which employees can send bonus points to each other as a thank you.

How to make your employees happy 0

Bonusly is successfully used at SnackNation, and employees especially like the fact that bonuses can be exchanged for gift certificates, gifts and gadgets – those that will be useful to them.

Ben Cuenle, Sales Development Manager:

The Bonusly catalog contains many brands such as Uber, Nike, Starbucks, etc. Yes, the bonuses themselves are cool, but the main thing is that you get them from your team. These bonuses are recognition of your work by colleagues.
2. The book of good deeds
They say that medieval knights kept books in which they wrote good deeds. Cloud 9 Living co-founder Bobby Ogst also created a book to capture the good deeds of its employees:

The book of good deeds has become for us an effective way of recognizing the achievements of employees. In it, everyone can write about some good deed or achievement of his colleague. It can be both work and personal stories. Every week we gather as a whole company and read out entries from the Book for the past week. This is a great way to pay attention to the achievements of employees who otherwise might go unnoticed. It also helps the team get to know each other better.
3. Even in a large company an individual approach is possible.
The legendary Yankee Candle is considered the “most beloved candle in the world.”

How to make your employees happy

Inside, the company positions itself as a company with “the most beloved employees in the world.”

When Yankee Candle opened offices in different parts of the world, the existing employee reward system became less personal.

Instead of individual gifts, workers began to receive standard souvenirs by mail, they no longer had a piece of soul.

How to make your employees happy 2

The solution was to create a special gift catalog that regional managers can use.

The catalog has a large selection of a wide variety of branded items, and management can choose something more personal. Such gifts are of much greater value to employees.
4. Gather feedback
Geocaching is a real world treasure hunt app developer. And the employees here are also treated like treasures.

Human Resources Manager Laura Hughes tells how they managed to improve the recognition system of achievements:

Find out in what form employees would like to receive recognition. Perhaps the method used in the company is not the most suitable, and then employees do not feel that they are valued. Talk with employees, find out in what form they would like to receive recognition. Their ideas may be very unexpected.
5. Use social networks
Try to actively use social networks as part of any approach to recognizing the achievements of employees.

You can express gratitude to employees using their photos in company profiles on social networks.

For example, a photo of a top employee on a Facebook page cover is a good way to publicly show that you value his or her merits.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital has used social media to make the recognition ceremony more public.

Photos of employees nominated for honorary awards were posted on the hospital’s Facebook page.

Night shift workers who were unable to personally attend the event were given the opportunity to attend the ceremony via Skype.
6. Gamification with YouEarnedIt
Motley Fool, a long-time favorite in the lists of the best employers, found out: many employees are unhappy that they receive an assessment of their work only from management.

Then the company decided to introduce YouEarnedIt to create a culture of recognition of each other’s merits.

How to make your employees happy

Employees give their colleagues gaming “gold” for a job well done. In the future, they can exchange this “gold” for real bonuses, for example, Amazon gift cards.

And it is not so much a matter of gifts: recognition from colleagues is valued no less, if not more, than from management.
7. Gamification in real life
Another idea from SnackNation. Chelsea Lee and Clay Telfer have developed a program in which team members earn achievements for achieving important indicators.

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