Business conference. A lot of people in business suits. Everyone exchanges business cards and “shoots” their eyes on the sides in search of “large fish”. Surely such a picture appears…

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"Organizational Diagnostics as a method of healing the company "...
Often the work of consultants in the organization of the customer resembles the notorious doctor’s appointment, when a patient “diagnosed with medical issues” who has made his own diagnosis, requires…

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We fix the agreement of the Founder of the business and a third-party investor
The risks posed by the lack of proper regulation of relations between business owners have been devoted to more than one issue of our newsletter. As well as the methods…

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Coffee is not only tasty, but also profitable

The Endorfin team has remained stable all these four years: the three founders of the company continue to develop their business, chief barista Anna develops new tastes and trains staff. The staff turnover, according to Valentine, is natural. Someone graduates and leaves Tomsk, someone starts working in their specialty. There are those who, having accumulated start-up capital, start their own business. And some remain, simply because coffee is interesting.
numbering-mal.png “Endorfin” depends on the weather

– Our coffee house offers alternative methods of preparation (Kemex, Pourover, Coldbrew) and signature coffee: there is lavender raff and honey-ginger cappuccino, there is latte on cedar milk and pink men’s latte. And we also have a very important atmosphere, contact with the barista, in general – when the party and taste attractions begin. While we are not going to change our business model, it is quite dynamic at the level of Russia and even the world, ”says Valentin Kasitsky. Continue reading

Makelove business

MakeLovePizza began work in 2013 as a delivery service. The four-year anniversary of the company was already celebrated in its own cafe on Lenin Ave. Now another stationary cafe is being prepared for the opening, combined with a delivery kitchen.

The company employs about 100 people, the average age of employees, according to the director, is “strongly up to 30 years.” The revenue of MakeLovePizza for 2017 amounted to 106 million rubles. By the way, Eugene closed his first “36% loan” in a year.

numbering-small.pngAnalytics on the knee

– The idea to open a pizza delivery company was born spontaneously. By that time I already had a microbusiness: I hired promoters, couriers, posters – but I wanted something more ambitious, and I got hooked on the idea of ​​delivery. Later, a business concept was formed: pizza delivery, a single product, a brand was developed, a team appeared. Continue reading

Panic Trees: Creative Resource Must Be Paid – How To Monetize A Provincial Brand

How can a designer evaluate himself correctly? What is wrong with the province and why is the demand for fashionable things a cultural issue? We asked about this from the curator of the Fashion Laboratory’s local fashion festival recently held in Tomsk.

– How to contact you?

– So turn around – Panic.

Perplexity passes in the first minutes of communication: you just get used to the fact that you are facing a person who thinks not in the usual categories, but in concepts, images and visualizations. Panic Trees is the full “name” of the Moscow multidisciplinary designer collaborating with the Siberian Design Center of TSU. Panic Trees is not only the name that acquaintances call the girl, but also the name of a virtual studio where there is a brand manager, graphic designer, designer, photographer, producer, technical director and, in fact, Panic. Continue reading

One hundred thousand letters: how a self-employed copywriter earns money

Julia Shmuklerevich decided that enough was enough for her, and from a bank manager turned into a copywriter. She did not study at any paid courses, but this did not prevent her from achieving success. How did she succeed and how much can she earn by writing texts?

A year and a half ago, Julia resigned as head of the sales department at the bank, because she was tired of working in such a mode when she saw her daughter only in the evenings and often already sleeping. True, her husband simply did not agree to “let go” of her from the office, who insisted that she learn depilation just in case. Julia finished the courses, but began to work in a completely different specialty – a copywriter. She started with the texts “by acquaintance”, then took shape as a self-employed and began to collaborate with a creative agency. Now her goal is to earn a few months living in a house by the sea.
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“Natance” business

About 15 years ago, Alexander Loginov became interested in dancing – the then very popular hustle direction. The students found it themselves: several guys, seeing how Alexander and her partner were dancing, asked for training. And so the school appeared, through which several thousand people have already passed.
numbering-mal.pngSchool found us herself

– It was the summer of 2008. We were young, loved to dance and often had dance parties with friends outdoors. The girl wrote to me: they say there is a small group of guys who really want to learn how to dance hustle – can I help? Of course, we agreed. It was very interesting to try myself in a new role. We rented two rooms, and they were located in different parts of the city. One is in Jupiter on Kashtak, the second is in Mayak in Irkutsk. We practiced several times a week here and there almost all summer. Then the guys went on vacation. Continue reading

Royalty payments in a group of companies - to whom and how much
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What debts are not written off in the bankruptcy of an individual
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12 errors in working with spreadsheets, resulting in catastrophic losses
A ranking of the largest errors in working with spreadsheets has been compiled, because of which companies suffered huge losses. The list includes both financial institutions and private enterprises from…