Why do we need a foreign company?
To be brief, a foreign company is needed to develop its own business and itself. Why is it still important to have your own foreign company? The detailed answer is…

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Practical aspects of accounting for business combinations in the fuel and energy sector
A contribution is any economic resource that creates or can create returns as a result of applying one or more processes.A process is any system, standard, protocol, agreement or rule…

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Personal business. Step two: choose a tax system
At the stage of state registration of business, or after its completion, each novice entrepreneur will have to face the need to choose a taxation system - DOS, STS, UTII…

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We fix the agreement of the owners to exit the business and sell it to third parties

Any questions regarding the conditions for participating in the business, including the possibility of leaving the business, selling a share or a business as a whole, should be discussed at the stage of creation and active development of the business, until everyone is inspired and does not think about possible difficulties.

At the same time, it is important that all, even the most non-standard arrangements of partners, be settled as much as possible, taking into account the real tools and capabilities of the current legislation. This will help to avoid future unexpected scenarios of relations.

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We fix the agreement of the Founder of the business and a third-party investor

The risks posed by the lack of proper regulation of relations between business owners have been devoted to more than one issue of our newsletter. As well as the methods of legal consolidation of partners ’agreements, ranging from“ direct appointment ”instruments – shareholder agreements and agreements on the exercise of participants’ rights, to the features of certain legal forms (for example, business partnerships) and intricacies in relations between the parent and subsidiary companies. But the further the development of Russian medium-sized business and the legal literacy of its owners goes, the more questions there are.

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Royalty payments in a group of companies – to whom and how much

Imagine a common situation: a trademark is registered in the ownership of one company or individual entrepreneur, and another uses it. In other words, it is necessary to formalize the use of a trademark in operating activities. The question arises – how to do this and what risks there are in solving this problem.

Who can pay for what, so that royalties are rightfully taken into account in expenses
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Simplification of the business structure: 5 reasons for enlarging a group of companies and 6 reasons not to do this

Structuring a business is usually associated with an increase in the number of companies in a group. There are many reasons for this. There are even more solutions to isolate certain functions into separate entities. But today we will not split up, but enlarge the business. Simplify the structure of the company.

As practice has shown, there is no less motive to reduce the number of companies in a group than to multiply it. Especially against the background of tax control, which is actively opposing the artificial fragmentation of the business. We will begin with tax incentives to simplify the legal structure of companies. Continue reading

Side effects of entrepreneurial status

Entrepreneurs are not former – there are only not identified
“On the direction of the review of judicial practice in disputes related to the qualification of the activities of individuals as entrepreneurial for tax purposes”, there were more frequent cases when ordinary citizens received requests in which they are invited to provide explanations on the use of property or the grounds for generating income to non-cash accounts with a proposal to pay taxes. Continue reading

Five wallets.
Structural and analytical management method (continued) So, we said that at the start of a business, while the revenue side is still not too large, current expenses usually exceed 20%…


Josh Kaufman worked at Procter & Gamble and was considering whether to go to business school to help his career. The prospects after receiving an MBA were vague, but student…


Russian offshore myths
What you need to know about offshore in order to protect your assets and increase them: we reveal the myths of offshore legislation and recommend what needs to be done…


Salary, personal income tax
It is clear that in the total wage that the employee receives “on hand”, there is some basic basis, let us call it the salary necessary for a person to…