Surrender of dreams
My friend Svetlana is 53 years old. She became a small entrepreneur in 2007, when the President established a new professional holiday - Day of Russian Entrepreneurship. For 9 years…

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Ukrainian companies "Nova Posta" this year will be 18 years old. During this time, they have grown so that their main competitor is called not the state Ukrposhta, but the…

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First steps to own business: instruction
What do you need to start your own business? Successful business idea, certain investments and desire to work. But that's not all. There are several important legal points that you…

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same time gathered

12 errors in working with spreadsheets, resulting in catastrophic losses

A ranking of the largest errors in working with spreadsheets has been compiled, because of which companies suffered huge losses. The list includes both financial institutions and private enterprises from various fields, as well as two educational institutions and one spy agency.

No one is safe from mistakes
A list of errors has been published in modern spreadsheets that caused the most damage to the organizations to which they belonged. According to Oracle, which compiled this rating, multimillion-dollar losses can cause one single mistake made in a multi-page document – even the absence of just one “minus” or an extra zero can lead to very serious consequences for both business and the “author “Errors. Continue reading

Personal business. Step two: choose a tax system

At the stage of state registration of business, or after its completion, each novice entrepreneur will have to face the need to choose a taxation system – DOS, STS, UTII … What is behind these abbreviations and how does the choice of each of them affect the life of the entrepreneur?

In order to understand which tax regime is best suited for a particular business, you need to clearly understand what exactly you will do and on what scale, who will be your consumer, and who do you see as partners, will you attract employees and how much and what profit are you counting on. Answers to these questions will help determine the choice of the most optimal taxation system for you.

8 questions that will help you choose a tax system. What type of activity will my company be engaged in?
2. Will I have employees and how many?
3. What is the expected level of income and expenses of my business?
4. Who are my future customers and partners?
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“Natance” business

About 15 years ago, Alexander Loginov became interested in dancing – the then very popular hustle direction. The students found it themselves: several guys, seeing how Alexander and her partner were dancing, asked for training. And so the school appeared, through which several thousand people have already passed.
numbering-mal.pngSchool found us herself

– It was the summer of 2008. We were young, loved to dance and often had dance parties with friends outdoors. The girl wrote to me: they say there is a small group of guys who really want to learn how to dance hustle – can I help? Of course, we agreed. It was very interesting to try myself in a new role. We rented two rooms, and they were located in different parts of the city. One is in Jupiter on Kashtak, the second is in Mayak in Irkutsk. We practiced several times a week here and there almost all summer. Then the guys went on vacation. Continue reading

Salary, personal income tax
It is clear that in the total wage that the employee receives “on hand”, there is some basic basis, let us call it the salary necessary for a person to…


We fix the agreement of the Founder of the business and a third-party investor
The risks posed by the lack of proper regulation of relations between business owners have been devoted to more than one issue of our newsletter. As well as the methods…


The start of a startup is often a feeling of euphoria and pink glasses. In relation to the business partner, a kind of love arises, together you seem to yourself…


We consolidate the interests of investors and managers
Legal “packaging” of new projects always consists in selecting a balanced set of tools: choosing the right organizational form of the company, contracts, working out the fundamental conditions of constituent…